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Colt Officer's Model Special(Worthwhile Collectible)?

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Colt Officer\'s Model Special(Worthwhile Collectible)?

Is a Colt Officer's Model Special(NIB)a worthwhile Colt revolver, to collect?

Was this revolver, very popular(In it's heyday?)and, do collector's favor this gun today?

Does the OMS, have anywhere near the quality, built into it, as the Colt Python?

Would $650, be too much to spend, for a NIB, OMS(With the cylinder unturned-and, unfired?)?

What are the major Pro's or Con's, with the OMS?
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Re: Colt Officer\'s Model Special(Worthwhile Collectible)?

I'm right partial to the OM Special in has a homeliness with that bull barrel that appeals to me. On the other hand, I see them from time to time (Not boxed as is the one you've seen) and they seem to be a bit hard to move even in 22 which tends to bring a premium.

My OM Special 22 is unblued at the muzzle face. My OM Match 22 is blued. I have heard other folks speak of unblued muzzle faces with OM Matches, but haven't seen one that I remember.

If the weapon is truly mint and with all accesories, it's hard to imagine it not appreciating, though you're paying as has been suggested about a hundred to a hundred fifty YankeeDollars over what I'd want to pay for it. For a pricing guide, you might check the a few of the more current GUNLISTS and cf to the current Fjestad BLUE BOOK.

I've no personal interest in the 38 versions, and as I said, based on sales of the "more desirable 22's," I do believe it's not as easy a weapon to move at a premium as the OMM. On the other hand, gun fanciers are fickle and there must be others who find it an interesting and attractive piece.

I buy what interests me at a price that seems reasonable to me based on how much I want the piece---I'm never that concerned about how it may appreciate for the next generation and, that way, unless I grossly overpay based on an inaccurate reading of condition or what I erred in thinking it was, I never feel bad about the price paid.

"And the blithe revolver began to sing/ To the blade that twanged on the locking-ring..."
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