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Colt Officer's Model Special(Worthwhile Collectible)?

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Colt Officer\'s Model Special(Worthwhile Collectible)?

Is a Colt Officer's Model Special(NIB)a worthwhile Colt revolver, to collect?

Was this revolver, very popular(In it's heyday?)and, do collector's favor this gun today?

Does the OMS, have anywhere near the quality, built into it, as the Colt Python?

Would $650, be too much to spend, for a NIB, OMS(With the cylinder unturned-and, unfired?)?

What are the major Pro's or Con's, with the OMS?
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Re: Colt Officer\'s Model Special(Worthwhile Collectible)?

Thank you, for the welcome, rcwambold!

Yes, the the gun in question, definately, is like the OMS, that you described! The barrel, is a heavy(Untapered)one. The front sight blade, is very long(1" to 2" approx.). The only exception, is that the grips are not the target style grips! They look to be original-but, are styled more like the earlier, Colt double-action revolvers! I will have to go back, to look at the grips, on this OMS, more closely(As I'm not sure, if they are the Coltwood or are made out of real wood?)? On the end of the box, it reads: "Officer's Model Special". The barrel, is the 6" length. The rear sight is adjustable(The front sight is not)!

Thanks, for your great comments, about the Colt OMS revolver-as I'm getting even more "Enthused" now! And, I do hope, that more Colt "Experts" on this revolver, will chime in, with more information, about this gun?
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Re: Colt Officer\'s Model Special(Worthwhile Collectible)?


Thanks, for clarifying, several fine points, about the Colt OMS! And, I'm grateful to you, for taking the time, to explain everything, in detail! I did not want to let the OMS, get away, if it was worth the $650 price? Since this price seemed to be high-I did not want to possibly, get "Stuck" with a "Post War" Colt gun, that might not be much in favor, with Colt gun collector's? This would only be in the event, I should want to attempt to sell the OMS, at a future time? If it was a "Python" I probably, would never have such a problem(Since these are popular)!

The OMS, in question, certainly appears to be "Unfired" however, I will take your good advice, and inspect this gun, more carefully, to try to ascertain, whether or not, it has ever been fired?

There is one last thing, that I forgot to ask about? On the very front, of the flat nosed, OMS, heavy barrel, this gun, appeared to be shiny(Bright, like a mirror)and not "Blued"? I will need to recheck this, as my "Memory" isn't as good, as it used to be? However, if this is true, is this the way the OMS, was originally, made by the Colt factory(Or, not)?

I also, thank everyone else, for their input, as well!
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Re: Colt Officer\'s Model Special(Worthwhile Collectible)?

JudgeColt(And/or, anyone?):

I took JudgeColt's advice, and I went back to the Gun Shop, to inspect the Officer's Model Special, closely! Following, is what I found:

1)The OMS, certainly "Appears" to be virtually, "Unfired"(And, there is no cylinder ring, whatsoever)! However, if it has been fired-then, it would have to be only a few additional shots? There is no sign of wear, at all!

2)The stocks on the gun, are the Colt, checkered, Service type, with silver medalians. Not the Coltwood(Plastic stocks)! The serial number of this gun is: 784XXX.

3)The gun box, is serial numbered to the gun(On the bottom, on one end of the box). The box, is near perfect(Due to having one upper, lid corner, that is split, the length of the seam)with no other damage!

4)The original factory target, is in the box, "Unused"(But, there are no tools or literature!).

5)Although the Gun Shop, will not lower the price, from $650-the Dealer, said that he will waive charging any sales tax(Which is 8-1/4% saved!)and, will just charge $20 to register the gun! Based upon this(And the above information)how does everyone feel about the total price being, $670(Out the door)?

6)The finish on the gun, is perfect(Without flaws!).
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