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Colt Official Police: politically incorrect scene from Andy Griffith

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A great scene of Colt Official Police helping Andy show a boy how to handle a gun. (this was shortly after Barney nearly blew his foot off) Andy Griffith Show's facebook page posted this yesterday. Thought I'd share it. Come to think of it.....i've got to show my wife this episode, she loves the show
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Thanks Doug for this picture that brings back good memories of a clean and good TV Program. I had forgotten that Andy too would rarely carry the Official Police. My hero, Deputy Fife, fierce gangster-getter and crime buster, lawman! As most Andy Griffin fans are aware, the post war OP was Barney's duty revolver. However, there was one episode, an early one, in which Barney used the S&W Model 10 in blue steel and a four-inch tapered barrel. I believe it was just one episode as all the rest, in which Deputy Fife had to pull his revolver, it was the Official Police. Thanks again Doug!
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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