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Colt Official Police: politically incorrect scene from Andy Griffith

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A great scene of Colt Official Police helping Andy show a boy how to handle a gun. (this was shortly after Barney nearly blew his foot off) Andy Griffith Show's facebook page posted this yesterday. Thought I'd share it. Come to think of it.....i've got to show my wife this episode, she loves the show
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"That's it, Opie....line up those sights .... now squeeeeeze!" "Me TV" on satellite TV shows Andy Griffith reruns morning and afternoon-- about 3 to 4 hours worth each day. Also Dragnet & Adam 12 once a day.
That's not Opie. Opie is in the door looking. Opie was jealous when Andy was showing his friend (I think Trey) about the gun.
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I bought the entire series at target. It's better than any show on tv today...
I have the A.G. series too but like Gomer Pyle USMC a little better which was a spin off of Andy Griffith. I have the whole Gomer Pyle series as well.
Andy is on Dish a couple of times a day for about two or three hours on TV Land. Seems like around 8:00 AM and around 5:00 PM.
That's right. 5 episodes in the morning and 6 episodes in the evening.
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