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Doug; I would NOT,mess with that mainspring!!!

Their is another way to lighten tension,but if you get it TOO light it will misfire. The way is shown in some gun books,but you can mess it up.

Besides,Colts need a certain amount of tension to do "other functions"besides drop the hammer,unlike S&Ws with the rebound slide spring to return the trigger.

I have "adapted" pre war springs to post war guns(and vice versa),and notice that pre wars are thicker,without the bend. It is MORE than just the "wishbone" spring tension that is involved.

Can't begin to tell you the number of S&Ws I've seen with the mainspring "adjustment"(IT IS NOT!!)screw on the front strap "turned out" somewhat to give a lighter action. The lucky get a gun that wont function,the unlucky a gun that lacks the energy to ignite the primers-not good in a "social encounter"!!

Bud /forums/images/graemlins/confused.gif
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