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Hey guys, was digging through the shop today and found a circa 1982 parts catalog from Colt.

It has exploded diagrams of all the different pistols and rifles Colt manufactured past and present

"P" Frame
G, K, Q Frame (Single Action .22s)
"F" Frames (Colt Walker and Dragoons)
"D" Frame
"E & I" Frames
"J" Frame
"O" Frame (1911)
"S" Frame (Woodsman Models)
Colt Ar-15 Sporters
COlt AR15/M16/CAR15
Colt Courier, Colteer & Stagecoach
Colt Sauer

If anyone has an interest, I can scan and upload the diagrams and parts lists, or PM them to you if you wish.

Pretty cool stuff, just thought I'd share.


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Hey fellas,
I just finished scanning all of the diagrams in. I'll figure out the best way to get them out to those of you that requested them.


EDIT: Sent the compressed folder of all 15 diagrams (Plus cover) to those who requested one. Anyone else who is interested just drop me a line and i'll get it over to you.
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