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I wouldn't be too sure to say its a fake! I have a description of a Pequano from a 1989 Jeff Faintich ad for a Pequano,NIB.that he was asking $1495 for. The box was marked "American Manufacture",numbered to the piece,and a sure indicator of a Pequano(which means "little one in Spanish").Jeff's gun had an even rarer 2 " bbl. than the 2.5" on the one in the auction.

The gun on the auction is certainly in the correct serial range(but it is 1938,not '41). The "B" is suppossed to be on the barrel,denoting Model B Police Positives,and Jeff noted this in his description.

Wonder what the reserve price is? The frustrating thing about this gun,is that it would be difficult to get verification from a factory letter that it is indeed a true Pequano. Letter would probably just say the jobber it was shipped to. Sadly,Colt does NOT have a Roy Jinks,who will go the extra mile to do leg work on rare S&Ws. You can even call him(but don't pester him!). AND S&W letters are a helluva lot cheaper than Colt's.

So its really hard to say,as this is in the rarified atmosphere(and economics!!!) of advanced collecting.

If I saw it at a Gun Show,priced as a regular old .32 P.P.,I might by it for a lady friend who is looking for a nice small .32 to tuck in her lounging robe pocket when she lets her small dog out for his last "toilet run" late at night!

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