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My Colt Long Handguns. Just got the New Service Target.
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Two Smiths are 8-3/8s vs 7-1/2" Colts. All are very nice cosmetically and mechanically....I won't be firing the 1851 Navy however; little finish remains but 98% naval engagement cylinder scene. 1907 Bisley 38-40 had a Lever-action Bill full tune-up, very good bore. Gen 3 1977 SAA 45C. 1920 New Service Target .44 Russian/S&W Spcl, excellent mech-80-90% bluing. 1926 OM .38 spcl 96-98%. 1980 S&W 38 spcl remains unfired. 1982 S&W 44 Mag hand cannon...hurts to shoot more than a cylinder full. (trigger guard slams index finger)
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My same Colt model SP6920 made in 2011 marked "Sporter M4 Carbine" updated, I use this setup mainly for target and practice, I have another original factory M4 upper half picture below for home defense & SHTF.

Colt LE6920-EPR CK (2019) Enhanced Patrol Rifle conversion kit complete upper half, 16", no sights, M4 gov't profile, carbine gas, M16 auto bolt carrier group & charging handle
Centurion Arms M-LOK 13.5 inch free floating handguard
BCM (Bravo Company USA) KAG handguard hand stop
Arisaka handguard front hand stop
Magpul M-LOK rail covers
Surefire Scout M600U weaponlight
Haley Strategic Thorntail6 offset Scout light mount
Scalarworks Peak fixed front sight
Troy folding rear sight
Geissele Airborne charging handle
Geissele G2S two stage trigger set
Norgon ambi mag catch
LMT ambi selector safety
B5 Systems coyote grip
B5 Systems BRAVO SOPMOD coyote buttstock
Vickers VCAS-BFG coyote 2 point sling
Magpul window PMAG gen 3 medium coyote tan

My other original Colt M4 upper half 16" with Knight's Armament M4 RAS rails, Magpul & LaRue Tactical rail panels, Surefire M951 light, Magpul hand stop, Knights Armament 300M rear sight, Aimpoint M2 on LaRue cantilever quick detachable lever mount. The flat dark earth B5 Systems grip and buttstock was replaced with coyote color.

Happy holidays!
921 - 940 of 972 Posts