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Colt Pocket Nine worth?

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Can anyone give me an estimate of the value of a good condition Pocket 9. No box papers etc, about 90% condition? A local person, not lgs has this gun for sale. :confused:
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I'm no expert, but they are for sale at gunbroker between used between $725 and $899. There are no bids yet on any of them.
I have seen used like new w/box and all papers foe $1200-$1400 some time ago. I own one and I would never sell it for any price.
they are a great carry gun, and sweet shooting. However they are tough to break down for cleaning. Carries nicely in a don hume
IWB style# H715 size 81. Good luck with your purchase.
Whoa, $1400, no papers, box, sorry.....I will pass considering what I have seen on GJ!
Well, not a lot of response, but got the gun anyway. Looks brand new. A close inspection shows NO signs of wear and gun is pristine in condition. Seller says he got it from a guy who claims to have never fired the gun, seller says he never did. I will not refute the testimony cause I gotten a couple of guns in the past I wanted to keep as factory release, but this gun will get used. I am anxious to go to the range!
bought mine new in 1999 and don't regret it a bit. Carry it, shoot it. Triggers a bit stiff but you'll get used to it. Just keep an eye out for extra mags. They're a bit hard to come by
Thanks 3rivers. Does anyone have a Kahr Mk/Pm9 they compare with the Colt P9. My Mk9 has a truly great trigger. I am doing a shooting/carrying comparison between the two. My Mk9 is a first generation and is a great carry gun, just a little heavier than the Colt P9 I just picked up. I am a little surprised the trigger has not eased up a bit. I discovered how difficult it is to reassemble the thing after cleaning. 3Rivers, after 14 years do you have an easy solution?

I found factory new mags in Alabama for $29.95 each. Joe's Pawn Shop, Albertville, AL. Got three and total was $93 shipped for all. :)
I just sold my LNIB Colt Pocket 9 for $950.00. It was in excellent condition. I found it to be a very difficult gun to shoot accurately, what with the short barrel, no exposed trigger to cock, and to me anyway an unruly stiff trigger. YMMV.

you're right Rangemeister, it is difficult to disassemble and no I haven't found an easier way.The Kahr has by far a better trigger but it's not a Colt and for me thats enough
I got this gun to carry, I had a Solo and have an MK9, but the allure of the Pocket 9 had always been under my skin. Now that I have this little beauty, I am afraid to carry/shoot the gun as I am concerned about parts availability etc. Accuracy for a gun like this is relegated to point shooting as a pocket gun is not a target pistol for me. Colt told me they would NOT cover repairs as warranty items for my used Colt New Agent Talo so I suspect the same is true for this gun. Also, is there a parts shortage? I guess I should have thought this thru more, I am not in the position to keep guns as "safe queens" and intended to sell my MK9 once this gun proved itself. I have gotten myself in a tight spot? Invested quite a lot, three extra mags and a Colt box with manual etc.
There's one for sale In Tri Cites Tn for I think 1200.00 with box and papers on (or was)
Thanks Spyone, I think I will pass on that one!
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