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Colt police positive target

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I have a police positive target as my trapping gun and its beginning to need a new hand for timing. Can I use a regular police positive special hand and fit it or do I need to search for an original and then fit it so it times correctly? This seems like a great forum and enjoy reading everything on here, thanks in advance
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Its also the early G model if that makes a difference or not

Or, same Hands in the PP and PPS, but, they may need to be fitted, unless you get lucky right off the Bat with one.

Low Mileage used Hand might be fine...but, by the time the Hand wears significantly, the Ejector Star the Hand pushed on to revolve the Cylinder, will also be worn, necessitating a longer Hand than the Revolver had to begin with.

And by that time, other things would tend to be worn also.

What are the symptoms it is having?
Post some images of the Revolver?

And, some good close ups of the Ejector Star...
If you need more just let me know


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Every time you cock the hammer the cylinder doesn't line up with the barrel but it locks up tight once the trigger is pulled, thats the only thing thats wrong with it I think
Perhaps just stretching the hand will fix it. Lots of info on this site on getting Jerry Kuhnhausens Colt Revolver book to show you how.
I have FACTORY ORIGINAL GENUINE COLT "D" new old stock frame hands. ( Have been in storage ov er 20 years).
These can be fitted to the older revolvers by someone with experience.
Reach me at [email protected]
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