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I'm a newby to this sight, i want to know as much about all models offered over the yrs, whats prefered(favored)models,whats different from mustang and mustang 2? I know differences of LW and standard,but know nothing about any since i never shot one,don't know which is more accurate or favored (DA or Single)? I prefer SS model,but checked prices and all are high, found one will i got a ruger gov comp pistol and it was gone when i went back(it was series 80 single action 380 mustang). I hear they had poblems with slide release,so which ones had this problems? Is the 9mm pony different size than .380 and different weight? Can't find any info on it. I saw once a ambi safety for single action .380,but not sure where and has been yrs since seen so since i'm a lefty i guess i better get a DA. Any one put nightsights on there(front and back)? All opinoins are greatly appreciated.
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