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Colt python 2 1/2 newb question

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What a great forum can not believe it took me so long to find it. I was at the Albany NY gun show and found a gun I have been looking for, for a long time. A colt 2 1/2" barrel python. This makes colt number 17 and I do realize I have a problem but I am not going to look for help just a second job so I can continue buying. I have a couple questions i was hoping you guys could help me out with. The first is what kind of holster do I put this beautiful snake in? Second take a look at the front sight, have you ever seen a gap inbetween the sight and rib. My other two python do not have this.The serial number is 59$$$ on the gun. Third the gun came with targets that are very used and do not match the condition, do you no anybody that can fix the crack (does not go all the way through) and clean up the checkering? They look like somebody closed a paint can with them with the paint spatter and all. I do understand from my research my service grips are not period specific for this gun?Fourth your thoughts on price of the gun. I almost feel over when the dealer tag said $1200 and i offered him $1100 and he took it. Thanks for the help, i posted pictures but they are not near as good as most. Ipad pics.ThanksMike


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$1100 is a steal for this gun. They are worth twice that in today's market. I agree the front sight looks wrong, I'm sure one of the experts will come along with some feedback.

Contact member Swamprat for expert stock repair. (sorry for the hijack but if you are interested in selling your service stocks I'm in the market for a pair, please let me know)

My only advise is to keep it out of a holster, that will only result in blue wear!!

Lastly: Welcome to the Forum, sounds like you already have a nice Colt collection going!!
Thanks for the info aircraftman. I bought the service stocks on ebay. After looking there the price for the target stocks are very high thats why i thought maybe to have them fixed.
I second the advice on the holster is dont. This is a classic. Get you a good security six ruger snub for carry. And yes U got it for half what it is worth even if there is someting odd going on with the front site. Excellent score.
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