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The hollow lugs were a feature of the early Pythons. In the past on this forum there was much discussion on when that feature was discontinued.

The likes of your gun will never been seen again. Do you know how to pre-index the cylinder when closing it to avoid a turn line? Hold back the cylinder latch and 'locate' the cylinder so that the bolt only contacts the cylinder notch leads as the cylinder is closed. Rotate the cylinder in a clockwise direction after closing.

A properly timed Colt will never exhibit a cylinder turn ring if it is always pre-indexed upon closing. No other American made DA can claim this.
I have a 1964 4" Nickel and the underlug is hollow. I've always been under the impression that the underlug became solid in 1965.

Regarding how to pre-index the cylinder when closing it to avoide turn line, I want to thank you for talking about it. I thought I was the only one that does that. It makes me a little less like one with an OCD when I learn that other people do it to a Python that deserves such treatment, too :)

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I think is OP is making a BIG MISTAKE SELLING THIS SNAKE. It is rare enough in this configuration but it is a gun you will never be able to replace in this condition and you will have setller's regret JMHO.....Mike
Sometimes one needs to travel the path under his own power before understanding the journey. If he sells it, as it appears he will, he'll soon realize the folly of his ways, or not. I've a '78 I picked up a few years ago that came with Colt pachmyers and the cylinder face had been a little too aggressively buffed by the previous owner so it shows a hint of copper around one cylinder chamber :( . I only had a set of walnut Gen II stocks but I put them on instead of the rubber as I prefer wood and blued or nickel. This Python found it's forever home as there's no way I could replace it for the purchase price back in 2011. I don't sell/trade my Colts, yet, so once they hit my doorstep, that's it.

When I bought her, not even wiped down:
Firearm Gun Revolver Trigger Starting pistol

As she sits today:
Firearm Gun Revolver Trigger Gun barrel
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