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I'll take a stab since no one else is helping you out. I don't suppose to know much about this gun, but apparently at this time, I'm all you've got!

I've only run across 3 or 4 that I can remember and they were pricey. The Python Hunter was apparently manufactured in 1981, one year only. The ones I saw had an 8" barrel. I don't know if this was the only barrel length offered but I suspect it was.

I believe it came in a fancy aluminum hard case. The Hunter was outfitted with a scope of some sort, most likely Leupold and probably 2X power. Of course it had scope rings.

They had a rubber grip with colt medallions. I believe it had some other accessories that came with it but not sure what they were.

If there is anyone else out there that can fill in the blanks please help out.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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