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One the road, from Oshkosh, WI to Chicago yesterday we stopped at several antique malls. While not an antique, I did find a Colt Belt Buckle for $10:
Neat buckle, the only thing I've found with the straight post buckles is the tendency to lose the belt hole as opposed to a curved post. Too much of a C type profile will stretch the hole. I guess it's a belt buckle conundrum.

As an aside there used to be a bar/cheese joint called the Badger Cheese Mart (sign on a windmill type rig without the turbine) not too far from the WI/IL border on the East side of the highway (then Rt 41) that was owned by the a BIG OLE GUY by the name of Watson. Made the best thin sliced ham sandwiches on wheat buns I've ever had in my life. Pops used to take me water skiing and snow skiing up in WI so we always stopped there. Once ate 5 sandwiches in one sitting and he declared me the record holder. I believe Watson was the fire chief for Kenosha back then. Hands the size of catchers mitts.

Sorry, I digressed.....
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