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Here are the latest production numbers from just 3 of the 57 U.S. mfg.'s in 2011 from the July issue of Shooting Industry.

Sturm Ruger: Pistols-612,970 Revolvers-193,025 Rifles-308,282 Shotguns- 410 Total=1,114,687

S&W: Pistols-462,678 Revolvers-237,646 Rifles-156,705 Shotguns-14 Total=1,026,860

Colt: Pistols-46,363 Revolvers-1,154 Rifles-16,419 Total=64,236

Total U.S. firearm production from all mfg.'s in 2001-3,200,000 and in 2011-6,500,000
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