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Do a search on this forum, there's some excellent info on the later Colt small frame revolvers.

In a nut shell, Colt had to discontinue the older Detective Special due to the cost to hand fit the action.

The replacement was a new stainless "SF" (Small Frame) revolver.
This was more or less a reduced size King Cobra revolver, with the same transfer-bar system.

The first model was the SF-VI, (Small Frame-Six Shot).

After about a year, it was re-named as the DS-II, (Detective Special Two).

Later in the last year before Colt discontinued most revolvers, it was made in a .357 Magnum, and named the Magnum Carry.

Mechanically, and cosmetically the three revolvers are essentially the same.

There were some variations including a bright polished, spurless hammer model sold as "The Special Lady", and a VERY few 3" and 4" models.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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