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Colt Service Model Ace with "70BXXXXX" Serial Number

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Newbie question so it's pretty simple. Is it possible to have a Colt Service Model 22 with a "70B" prefix on the serial number? The gun doesn't mention "conversion" anywhere on the slide. Called Colt and they say it was made in 1983 and shows to be a Government model. Appreciate any help. Regards
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While it seems like bad business to me, during the production rum of the new Service Model Ace Colt made some SMA's on Government Model receivers, and some GM's on SMA receivers. Over the years I have seen a dozen or so and owned a couple. I lettered a GM with a SMA serial number, and it came back as .45 ACP GM

I have a feeling the pistol in the OP would letter as a Service Model Ace. The telephone information from Colt came from a master list of serial numbers and not their records.
Interesting that a couple of you think that a "70B" could be an Ace. The box is handwritten so it doesn't help me much. The slide says "Colt Service Model (ACE in the Diamond) .22 long rifle" on the left. Then just "Ace" on the right side. What period in time would the slide have been made.
Are there any other tell tails that I could look at on the gun to help determine what it is? Thanks for all your replies!!!
I don't know about yours, but I know for a fact that a "70B" could be an ACE. Faced with the lack of authentication from this forum, your best bet is to get the Colt letter.
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