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Colt Service Model Ace with "70BXXXXX" Serial Number

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Newbie question so it's pretty simple. Is it possible to have a Colt Service Model 22 with a "70B" prefix on the serial number? The gun doesn't mention "conversion" anywhere on the slide. Called Colt and they say it was made in 1983 and shows to be a Government model. Appreciate any help. Regards
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The answer to your question is yes, but If Colt thinks its a Government Model then you may have a receiver with a slide swap. Without the original box I do not think this can be verified.
Well I met a fellow shooter at the range several years ago and he had a Government model with a SM serial number. I questioned him and he told me he bough it new like that.

From your description I'd say you have a late 1970s-80s SM ACE.

1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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