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I have an opportunity to buy a Colt Sporter Competition HBAR rifle with SN CH000xxx. It has a 20" barrel, detachable handle, and a bolt carrier with its lower half chopped off. It looks unfired by the owner. I read somewhere that it could be a model R6701(?).

It doesn't come with its box, accessories nor papers.

I can't seem to find its date of manufacture anywhere.

I would appreciate knowing its:
1. Date of manufacture
2. Fair market value
3. Anything, good or bad, that anyone knows about these rifles.

Thank you so much.


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The Colt Sporter Competition HBAR are model R6700 and they were in the market around 1992 so it's a pre ban.

Then during the ban they were replaced by the model MT6700 Match Target Competition HBAR (and a variant MT6700C with compensator/ muzzle brake) and they were dropped around maybe 2014.

For value they're more higher price with states that have ban laws but allows pre ban rifles, for other free states their value would be lower than average because of its many undesirable features.

There are many undesirable features of this model same as their other AR models starting from 1990 up to the ban period.

The barrel twist are 1/9 which most shooters don't prefer, most like the 1/7 twist so they could use the heavy match type bullets of 77 grains.

It have no bayonet lug, if you don't like to use any bayonets it's good but purist would prefer it have the lug even for just the appearance.

The pivot pin are not the military push pin captive type, you have to use a screwdriver every time you take the upper half apart.

Hammer and trigger pins are the oversized, not the smaller military type.

Most have the steel sear block on the lower receivers, which the full auto carriers won't work.

Some aftermarket match triggers won't fit with the steel sear block, the front facing surface of the block might have to be machined to fit some triggers.

The carriers with the bottom rear machined off makes it lighter, the heavier full auto carriers are more reliable.

I had the older model HBAR with the fixed carry handle model R6600 AR-15A2 HBAR Sporter which I bought new in 1986, it had the bayonet lug, 1/7 twist barrel, bottom of the carrier not totally machined off, no steel sear block and standard mil-spec hammer & trigger pins.

The only feature I didn't like about mine was the large offset pivot pin, I used it mainly for target practice and DCM/ CMP rifle match competition.
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