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Around year 2000 in response to the whole Y2K scare, Colt announced at one of the gun trade shows they planned to produce a multi caliber revolver and call it the "Survivor". I understand it was similar to the Philips and Rodgers "Medusa" multi-caliber revolver that could fire 12 + different calibers of ammunition, but most notably, 9mm, .38, .357 and variants of those cartridges. The design had some way to catch the lip on rimless auto cartridges and could potentially have a different caliber in each round. Apparently New England Firearms had already copywritten that name for their shotgun/rifle combo and got into a legal issue with Colt, at which point, Colt renamed the concept revolver the "M/C or Multi-Caliber". I can't seem to find out if any of the revolvers were actually built and released? Does anybody have any information? I've only seen one picture of the gun.
Thanks, I'm a new poster and this is a great board!

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