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Colt Tank Officer Mags

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I have a Colt Tank Officer 1911, and bought a McGar 6 round mag for an officer model. I attempted to put the mag in the pistol, but it would not stay in lock in. My Colt Tank Officer is longer and takes 7 rounds. What am I missing, as I thought all officer models were the same.
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I believe the Tank Officer is a Commander frame with a officer slide and barrel.
Around that time, Colt was making a long list of limited run pistols using various combinations of Government Model, Commander, and Officer's slides and frames.
These had names like Tank Commander, Night Commander, Night Officer's, etc. etc. etc.

The name of the model doesn't necessarily tell you what the actual slide and frame combination were.
In your case, it's a Commander size frame with an Officer's size slide.
The correct magazine is a standard Government Model or Commander 7 or 8 shot magazine.
Tank officer mag

Got it. Thanks all.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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