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Came across an beautiful Colt Trooper MK 5, does anyone have access to the book to see how high these serial #s went to in 1986?

I searched the serial #, and have a feeling I have one of the last ones made, if someone has access to that book I'll gladly donate a crisp $10 bill +fees (worth $9.20 in 2020) to the charity of your choice

I think its in the newer Colt book, but not the older 1985 one.

Then again, i could be wrong, but I'll still donate that crisp $10 to anywhere you want (just no where the wife will yell at me)**

Act fast, that $10 will probably only be worth $9.97 tomorrow, actually, to be fair, let me make it $11, that should give some time until next month in case inflation ramps up :)

Looking for the 1986 range of Colt Troopers

Thanks in advance
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