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Colt Trooper Mk III - Anything I\'m Missing?

My Colt is in the capable hands of a pistolsmith here in Canada. I'm having the front sight restored and the muzzle crowned before having the barrel reblued.

While it is with the smith, is there anything else I should ask him to look at in terms of improvements?

I know that many participants in Cowboy Shooting have the forcing cones recut to 11 degrees to improve grouping of shots. Does this sort of work apply to my Trooper?

Thanks in advance.


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Re: Colt Trooper Mk III - Anything I\'m Missing?

It depends on what type of bullets you'll be shooting.
If you're going to shoot lead bullets exclusively, the cone might be a good idea.

However, for general lead and jacketed bullets, I'd leave the cone alone.

Other than a general check-up, there's really nothing you need to have done.
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