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Colt trooper MK III Pricing?

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I ran across a 4" blue Colt trooper. Looks to be in good shape. Some wear on the end of the barrel, from holster wear. Other than that looks very good. It has the original grips. No box, or paperwork. Asking $600 for it. What is the going price on these guns?
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Funny, I just ran across a 4" nickel Colt Trooper MK III and the asking price was $650. I am no expert so I consulted with one of the experts on the forum and he thought that was a good price given the finish and barrel lenght. I only saw pictures and there was a faint line on the cylinder. I might see in person if I do not go to the KY Speedway Saturday. Interested, but really need to save for a Python.
Troopers are good solid guns. $600 is a little high IMHO. $500 would be good. Picked on up for $400 6 months ago.
Without box and such, $600 is on the high end. Should be $500-$550. They aren't so much collectible and in the end, you are paying for a solid, albeit discontinued, revolver.
Got this in the 80s for $250, mint. $800 today? I would like yours at $500 but at $600 you're paying 20% more than the happy price. 20% more would have been $300 for me and I probably would have paid it. So in 25-30 years yours will be worth around two grand. If you don't have 25-30 years then shoot it while you can. Also, these numbers are way conservative because Colts are appreciating at an increasing rate that us old guys can't believe. I'd buy it if I didn't have one, do you already have one?

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Round here in WV, that'd be cheap. I'd grab it and not look back.
I assume you are looking at a .357 magnum chambered gun. That maybe is a little high but they are one tank tough Colt revolver. I have a 4" blued Mk III Trooper in .357 that is my go-to .357. Really like it. I don't see them getting cheaper and Colt isn't making any more of them. I'd buy it and grow old shooting it.
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This was my first Colt revolver purchased back in 1985 - MK III .357 4" blued with beautiful walnut stocks. I love it. It's a beautiful piece. The bluing is as nice as my Pythons. I have bought several more MK III's since '85 - If I can find a nice example I'll buy it. Demand for Colt revolvers is up supply is down = $600 sounds like a good value.
Bought on-line auction your same gun with holster wear and with pachmayrs. $435 shipped and FFL fee. They are pretty common for now.
bought a LNIB 4" nickel here on colt forum for 825 shipped ,wrong stocks (got that changed) built around 83" 84" .

You do not find them very often in this condition. Only going to go up in price.
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