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First, understand that most all Colt boxes you'll see for sale are actually counterfeits made up by a man who often sells on Ebay and the gun auctions.
These are easily spotted as fakes by a person who's educated on what Colt boxes look like and when a specific type of box was used by Colt.
In addition, fake box labels and manuals are widely sold too.

I'm not sure about how common fake Mark III owner's manuals are, but Python owner's manuals are widely faked.

Bottom line, finding a real Colt box and manual is going to be chancy at best, and a genuine Colt Trooper Mark III box will be extremely expensive for cardboard and Styrofoam.

For a manual, you're best bet for the real thing is to post a Wanted ad in this forums Classified section.
You can also post for a box and you might get lucky.
Otherwise, you're almost guaranteed to get fakes these days.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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