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Colt Walker Information!

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I have come into possesion of a Colt Walker. Serial number 1052. I have had a couple of Colt novice collectors evaluate the gun for authenticity. Both can't prove either way if it is fake or authentic. One collector is of the opinion the grips especially are too new for the rest of the gun. Can anyone out there give me any guidance on my next step to value/authenticate this gun? I can provide photos electronically. Thanks, Kyle.
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There were 59 Walkers and Colt Whitneyville Dragoons at the Spring 2003 meeting of the Texas Gun Collectors show in Houston. You can visit nearly all of them on the Show Dates page of the TGCA website. These pictures will give you a good idea of what the average Walker looks like, but you will not be able to determine the little details that can help authenticate your example. BTW, #1052 was not on parade that day.

Novice collectors are NOT the folk to asking as to authenticity ~ you need to talk to the known experts such as Bobby Smith, Michael Simens or Bobby Vance. There are others, of course, and either TGCA or Colt Collectors Association should be able to point you in the right direction.
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