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Colt Walker Information!

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I have come into possesion of a Colt Walker. Serial number 1052. I have had a couple of Colt novice collectors evaluate the gun for authenticity. Both can't prove either way if it is fake or authentic. One collector is of the opinion the grips especially are too new for the rest of the gun. Can anyone out there give me any guidance on my next step to value/authenticate this gun? I can provide photos electronically. Thanks, Kyle.
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I am curious how it "came into your possesion" because Colt Walkers are not something that you just come upon in a gunshop or at a pawnshop, almost, I say "almost", everyone in existance has been catalog, documented and accounted for and are probably in someones high priced collection. So I would think if you came up with one, you must have already paid super high dollars for it or know someone who did. The serial number dates to 1847. The only way to know for sure would be to have an expert appraisor in very old Colts give it the proper appraisal. I don't think just internet pictures can do it justice and my opinions would be useless.
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