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I stopped by my gunsmith's shop this morning to make some photos of the blown barrel ("Observations of a Blown Barrel" post) and while there the non-gunsmith commented that last week must have been "Colt Week." He told me (and showed me by placing in my hands, thank you) of the Colts taken in last week. Most interesting to me was a SAA 1999 vintage, unfired, 5 1/2" barrel, in plastic box w/ papers. And a Colt Anaconca, 8" barrel, seemingly unfired, two blue Pythons, and a New Service, and some rather mundane M1911s.

I have no idea of asking prices and only gave them a quick look. If anybody is interested, give me a PM and I'll get what info I can. I've got good rapport with Keith so can examine the guns. And he will do a transfer. Whatever transpires is strictly between you and Keith, but I will help in any way I can for those interested. These in Memphis, Tennessee, by the way.

Bob Wright
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