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I agree completely with the above post. Bob Rayburn’s website is absolutely the best. If you can find one, Bob’s book, the “Colt Woodsman Pocket Guide” is an excellent resource. I believe his pocket guide is readable on his website, but having the actual book is nice to have at gun shows. It has been out of print for some time, but occasionally one will become available.

Tom Platt (Prewoodsman) on this forum will be able to supply additional info I’m sure.

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Posted again as a reminder.

The following posted information is due to website glitches on Bob Rayburn's most excellent website at

To access Bob Rayburn's "Colt Woodsman Pocket Guide" online.

Opening page, Table of Contents on the left.
Click, Takedown/Assembly
Bottom of each page click, Previous or Next
Free for All to Study......

Tom Platt
[email protected]
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