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I recently acquired a Colt XSE Government Model of current production. What I noticed immediately were the razor like edges on the muzzle end of the slide and the dust cover leading edge of the frame. I took the XSE GM to the range and the operation was problematic with several failures no make that a lot of failures to feed. At this point I decided that a thorough cleaning was in order. Removing the grip panels two of the bushings came out with the panels. With the pistol disassembled removed the previously mentioned sharp edges and cleaned the bushings and Loctite them in place. Lubricated the pistol as required. At the next range session the operation of the pistol was smother but had (3) failures to feed out of two hundred rounds fired. The accuracy is outstanding but apparently the pistol requires a break in period.

Last week I purchased a Springfield GM loaded series stainless steel at a purchase price substantially less than the Colt. Took the pistol to the range out of the box fired two hundred and fifty rounds no problems what so ever.

I have a Colt GM and Combat Commander purchased in the early 1980’s that operated flawlessly from the start.

My questions are; I thought that Colt had solved their quality control issues under new management? One sample is not conclusive but have others had the same problems that I have experienced with recent manufactured pistols?
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well...I stated this in another thread and got bashed for I guess this is round 2 but hopefully not...

Sence the change of management Colt quality is not what it used to be...myself and several others have noticed short cuts in the process to make a reliable pistol...Series 70 and the beginning of series 80 are some of the best made...
I have to agree with you Yoda. Not only has Colt quality gone down, but so has S&W when compared to years past. Lets face it, pre war quality was the highest level of quality for all gun companies. After the war the quality had dropped off for the trade off of quantity. It has only gotten worse since than as corners are cut to cut cost. More robotics and newer casting techniques cannot replace the time consuming hand fitting of yesteryear. I do believe that all things go "full circle" and will come back around somewhat, but not too many people will pay for a truly "hand fitted" firearm. S&W makes some nice stuff out of their Performance Shop but it reflects in the pricing. Leonard
Leonard...exactly what I've been saying...I currently own a S&W custom shop pistol but had to pay to get it...wouldn't trade it for anything...Wilson Combat...Les Baer...Ed Brown and a couple of others are the only ones makeing them the old way....alot of hands on that's why they cost what they do...but have you fired one...jeesh there right one everytime! like Colt and Smith used to be!
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