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Re: Colt\'s Condition?

I did a little looking around and couldn't come up with a whole lot either. A couple of things I did find:

Owner/Chairman of the Board is Donald E. Zilkha

The entity that we refer to as "Colt" is named Colt's Manufacturing Company Incorporated (CMI). CMI itself is part of a holding company called Colt's Holding Company Inc.

That's about as far as I got before having to go on to other things.

As an aside, one interesting tidbit is that in 1981 handgun production in the US was approx 2.1 million units. In 2000 the total was approx 1.2 million units. Just about every year between 1981 and 2000 production of all firearms dropped. This means that Colt is competing for a share of a much reduced market.

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