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I'm new here so sorry if I posted in the wrong place...

I have a 1982 Combat Commander 80BS*****. I'm trying to get it back to "original" condition. What I need is a set of factory original sights and a factory original hammer...I could also use a set of original grip screws. My questions are: What is the original sight configuration? and: Is the original commander hammer blued or 2 toned?...I've been looking a hundreds of pictures online and I just can't tell because of glare/lighting and whatnot. Colt want's a $100 bill to tell me this stuff, so I thought I'd ask some fellow enthusiasts. Any info would be if you know where to get some or if you have some laying around...thanks


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From memory:
The hammer was the standard "Burr" or "rowel" Commander hammer. This was the original type Commander hammer with the round hole.
They were satin blued on the edges, bare satin steel on the sides.

The sights were the standard Colt sights used on most all non-adjustable sight autos of the day.
The front was the taller white dot front, the rear was the standard 2 dot rear.

Brownell's sell genuine Colt front and rear white dot sights and grip screws:

1911 Government Models | World's Largest Supplier of Firearm Accessories, Gun Parts and Gunsmithing Tools - BROWNELLS

I don't think Colt makes the original style Commander hammer any more, although you could contact them and ask.
Midway shows a genuine Colt Commander old style hammer you can back order:

Colt Commander-Style Hammer 1911 Matte Blue

Most sources are no longer making the original Commander hammer, these days most have larger oval or shaped holes instead of the original round hole.

Other possible sources for original Colt Commander hammers. You have to call:

Jack First Gunshop - First in Gun Parts - Rapid City, South Dakota

Colt Parts & Gun Parts for Colt Guns

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Here's my 1972 Combat Commander in Satin Nickel:

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