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Combat Python - Finally got one

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So I am looking on Guns America and see a Combat Python advertised. No box or papers but it was located in Southern California so I had a chance at a FTF sale. The seller had some out of state offers but wanted to do a face to face in a local gun shop. A quick call to Colt and they confirmed that it was the real deal. I still have to order the archive letter but I am pretty sure its legit. I ran the details by one of our more informed Forum Members and he said it looked legit. It's not NIB condition but I would rate it at around 98% or better. Slight turn mark on cylinder and scratches on the bottom of the grip frame from the stirrup of the Hogue Monogrip that the guy installed. Serial #T77458

I am disappointed that it did not have the original grips so I had to put some Gen 3's on it for now. If anyone can hook me up with a nice set of service grips I would appreciate it. A few forum members have already offered up some opportunities (Thank you), however it is just so difficult to tell how nice the grips are from pictures. Add to that the issue of "Flat Back" vs "Routed Back" and I have no idea what Combat Pythons came from the factory with. Anyway I just wanted to share.

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Mike, glad you were able to find one. Nice gun, good luck.Blade
Well, someone has to ask it: how much?
Beautiful hard to find snake, congrats!

What a superb work of metallic art. Pains me to think about shooting it, but thats the purpose.

Congratulations!! its nice when dreams come home.

Feels good.....for the moment, until the next search.
Nice one Mike , Congrats on a great find!.....I just picked up the 2.5 inch Snake last week.

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Nice pickup. I am sure you will enjoy it.
Fantastic find - especially in Cali!!!

Congrats from one comrade of the PRK to another :)
Hard to find, impossible to beat.
The best Python IMHO.:cool:

Congrats, be sure you get the letter.
Nice pickup. I am sure you will enjoy it.

Thanks for your help. I'll let you all know if it letters
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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