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My Colt Commander. Not a Lightweight Commander or Combat Commander, just a Commander. From the '60's when all Commanders had the lightweight ColtAlloy frame.

From back when Colt was King.

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Sweet Roger...very sweet. Too bad Colt decided to throw the crown away. They were King.
I disagree. Some of the latest Colts are very well made.
Yes, Roger, the modern Commanders are accurate. I had 1970's Colt, a Les Baer, and now a S&W Scandium commander and my custom gun. The last two are the most accurate, and the custom gun is capable of Bullseye accuracy. I have a photo below: titanium frame, damascus stainless slide, Kart NM barrel,Briley bushing,and X/S sights. Wow, does it shoot.
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tjpopkin :Sorry if I offend you But to me their not even a 1911 let alone a Colt and shouldn't be called Commanders.Only Colt makes a real Commander.
I just put on lay a way a 1951 Commander in 9 mm.Pistol in excellant shape. Since I only had 45's in my Colt Family of 1911's. Also never had a low serial number 6XXX before.
I am not offended. The term 1911 was defined by Browning and Colt made the gun. The modern iterations are identical and even improved. If you wish to call ONLY the Colt a 1911 or Commander, OK with me. I use the terms for description only. The improvements in the newer guns are substantial. Some of the later gunsmithing was even evident in my Father's wartime 1911 Military gun. Walter Wolff, the famous spring maker, was one of my dad's best friends and a WWII armorer. He modified my dad's Gov't Model by lowering the ejection port, adding to the bulk of the grip safety, doing a masterful trigger job, tightening the slide-to-frame and slide to bushing, you know, all the good stuff we do now. Walter did the same thing to dad's "Colt" Commander, which my buddy now has. Those old battleworn guns still shoot great. Do I have the real deal? Sure. I have a bunch, but the newer guns are really superior, at least in my mind. To a purest or collector, maybe not. Keep in mind that I am a shooter. I shoot probably 3 matches a week, and shoot thousands of rounds of .45ACP. My most accurate gun used to be a modern Les Baer Bullseye 1.5" gun. Now I prefer the S&W Performance Center 945. It is not a 1911, but does it ever shoot. It holds 1" @50yds from a Ransom rest, and my sandbag rested groups at 25 yrds are "one hole". The gun has NEVER malfunctioned, something I cannot say about my Les Baer or my Gold Cup. Still, it's not a Colt.
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I reread my post and came on a little stronger than I ment. What I have a problem with is every body is trying to make a 1911 and them hang a Colt like name on it. Then people buy and they are jam o matic junk. Then all 1911's are junk including Colts. All my 1911's are Colt and they all work from day 1 just like they were suppose to. I haven't got the 9mm (1951 per Colt) out of lay a way but I bet It will join the family as a good depenable gun. I read all time people crying my Kimber ,S&W Springfield and even the high dollor custom jobs not working or breaking. I afraid in the end this will destroy Colt guilt by looks.
Dealers in my Area won't even stock a new Colt . Why? because everyone knows their junk and over priced.That what I get from dealers.
Here's a late model SS Commander. It has been bead-blasted
and then the slide was done in Duracoat. VZ grips and a CMC "drop-in" rear sight but otherwise stock. /forums/images/graemlins/grin.gif
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I know the Colt 9mm will be reliable, but they are fairly inaccurate compared to the newer or modified guns. I think when they were originally made, there was less awareness of the idiosyncrasies of the 9mm. That is precisely why there are very few target (bullseye) pistols in 9mm. Today, that is a different story. I know of many modified 1911's that have been successfully accurized. The S&W Performance Center (PPC guns and 952's)has mastered this feat as well as Sig with the P210. Clark, Pistol Dynamics, Springfield,etc. have all produced very accurate 9mm guns, ones that shoot within 1.5"@50yds. Not so with a production 1950's Colt. I am a competitive shooter, so accuracy AND reliability are equally paramount to me.
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