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I don't know if this subject had been over the wires, but if you use speedloaders, you've dropped rounds and done other fumbly things when you were in a hurry.
Safariland's speedloaders are far superior in terms of security. You are not likely to drop rounds with one of those. However, they only list the short-handled Comp I for D-frames like Diamondbacks and Detective Specials.
Once you've used the long-handled Comp IIIs, though, all other speedloaders apart from moonclips seem pretty silly. They have a long handle and a spring-loaded driver that puts the rounds in the chambers with little chance of spraying. They won't unload in your pocket or carrier, either.
We have a revo match coming up later in April and I'd sure like to run my Diamondback through it. Spoiled for Comp IIIs, I was considering using my Smith 66 just so I could use the faster speedloaders. But then I was fooling around and tried the Comp IIIs in the Diamondback. They worked fine. I tried about fifty quick reloads, with both roundnose plated (faster into the chambers, for competition) and Gold Dots, and they worked very well.
Upon measuring the differential in chamber centers between the 66 and the D-frames, it turns out there's only about a hundredth of an inch or so, and apparently the Comp III can get past the difference.
Here's a picture showing the Comp III in the cylinder, with a plain little Comp I alongside.
Those are Herrett's walnut Shooting Stars on the grip.

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