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Compac much heavier than wood on DS

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Another reason I can shoot my '66 DS better with the Pachmayr Compac vs the walnut Colt stocks/grips is that, besides having the shock absorbing rubber material, the Compacs are considerably heavier than the walnut Colt grips/stocks. This weight adds to the stability in the hand when shooting.

Anyone else notice this?

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Yes, I think they lend a little better balance and beneficial use of the pinky. Of course, they became standard on the 4th issue (sorry) and PPS Mk V which really benefits because of the additional weight of the longer barrel.
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That's the second reference I've seen today to the PPS Mk V, and I don't remember ever hearing of it before. Is this a modern Mk III / Mk V type of action, sort of a DS-II with a 4-inch tube?

Bart Noir
It is essentially a "4th issue" Detective Special with a 4" barrel made 1994-95. I think it is a neat gun and there can't have been all that many made, but it certainly is not yet one that is sought after. /forums/images/graemlins/cool.gif

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I agree, it's a sleeper. Last of a long line of PPS's.
I like the Compac grips on these guns.

One day I hope to find a PPS Mk. V to go with my DS-II.

Nice piece A1A!
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Nice 4" DS-II yourself! I have a 2" and a 3". I also have a NIB PPS Mk V that I might part with some day, but it is always a tough decision. /forums/images/graemlins/frown.gif
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