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I attended a gun show Saturday and a young fellow was walking around trying to sell his Colt 2nd gen SAA. It was pretty obvious even to myself a novice on SAA guns even if I have 5 of them that this gun had been pieced together, the bluing on the barrel was about 90 % and the gripframe /backstrap bluing was somewhere in the 65 % category with extreme handling wear. the side screws showed evidence of remove and the 3 numbers on the loading gate didn't match the serial of the gun, also it appeared the ejector shroud had been removed. Needless to say I passed on the gun even at 1200 bucks. Where Im confused is the 3 numbers on the loading gate verses the serial number of the gun. Do these numbers always match up,on the 5 guns I have they do, but they are all 3rd gen guns. A friend told me that the 3 numbers on the loading gate and last 3 numbers of the gun serial number should match on 1st and 3rd gen guns, but 2nd gen guns were different in the 3 numbers on the gate were assy numbers and only matched the number on the right side under the grips. Id appreciate any and all thoughts on this, Thanks Smoke
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First of all, I know nothing about 2nd or 3rd generation SAAs. Never owned one. On first generations the assembly number on the loading gate has nothing to do with the serial number. It should match the assembly number on the frame. You have to remove the trigger guard to see the frame assembly number.
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