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I've located a Officers Model (4th issue) DOB 1950 that is a Single Action. This model was never Colt cataloged as a Single Action. What's the possibility that the gun was converted into a Single Action after it left the factory?
Would this be a difficult/impossible job?

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It's easy.

All that's needed is to disassemble the gun.

On the hammer is a single tiny pin that retains the double action strut.
Drive the pin out, and remove the strut and the spring.

As I said in your other post about this, this was something that was done by shooters copying something they heard top shooters had done.

The fact that this wasn't actually cataloged by Colt means nothing.
Colt would do this for any buyer on request, cataloged or not.

Since it was so easy to do, MOST of the ones floating around are probably after-market.

The only way to ever be sure is to spend the money for a Colt Historical Letter.
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