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Is it possible to get the correct color by hot salt bluing to match Colt blue? I have seen it done, but I am curious as to how it is done, by the length of time in the tanks or the temperature?

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Depends on the process that was used on that particular Colt.

Pre-war Colt's were blued by the "Carbona" heat method.

Post-war guns by the hot salts chemical method.

If you have a pre-war you'd need to have an expert like Turnbull's refinish it by using the original Carbona process.

A post-war gun can be re-done by Colt, Turnbull, or a number of other re-finishers who use the hot salts chemical method.

MOST of Colt's bluing appearance is due to the quality and level of polishing, NOT the bluing process.

People marvel at Colt's Python Royal Blue, versus something like Ruger's rather dull blue/black finish.

The different isn't the chemical process, they're both the same.
It's the polishing of the metal that makes the difference.

Want a close match, see Colt or someone like Turnbull who has a good reputation for quality work.

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