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Couple DBs with two different stocks.

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These here are both 1979, one in .22lr and one in .38spl. Can someone clarify for me the differences in the stocks? Thanks

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At least both sides of both pair match reasonably well, which has not been the usual for most of the Diamondbacks I've handeled.
The stocks on the 22 model (shown) seem to be more in line, (color/tone-wise) with the mainstream of Diamondback stocks.
I suspect the lower guns grips are not original to the gun.

The color appears to be the lighter "orange" color you started seeing in the later 80's on the Python and Diamondback, the checkering border at the bottom is closer to the bottom of the grip, and it appears to have a nickel plated screw, which a blued gun would not have.
They may not be original to the gun, but they are still "original" Colt Diamondback stocks. Never noticed the checkering coming down further before on the lighter colored ones.
DB are a strange bird. I have a mint pair.. and I can only assume they are a pair. But one side is a shade darker then the other. And they have the chechering like the lower one.
On another note. The pair thats on my .38 DB also has the lower checkering with Silver Medallions. My spare set has GOLD.. Anyone have gold?
This is what my 83 model looks like. Ron


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