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Courier .32 NP 3" NIB Alloy Cyl. and Frame

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Just acquired this one with alloy cylinder and frame. Just curious if the alloy cylinder adds to the value and anyone know the percentage made with alloy vs. steel cylinders?

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I could not tell you ? Somebody on here will know. If you put this one on auction let me know, it has my kind of condition. I will make sure the bidding gets up there where it belongs. Super Gun.

John Fugate
Thanks John! I did some forum research and it seems the .32's are all alloy cylinders except possibly a very few steel ones at the end of production for clean up.
I didn't know what the deal was, I have a NIB in .22 ,, but not a .32 Valuable item, seldom seen in NIB state.

Outstanding! Congratulations.

I'm sorry I can't estimate the number made with steel cylinders at the end of production. I'm not sure those are published figures but somebody may have an idea.
Every 32 courier I have owned or seen has had an alloy cylinder, it is what makes it unique. So if anything a 32 Courier with a steel cylinder would be the oddity. My gun has some wear so sometimes I carry it. It is really light for those that have never lifted one up.
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