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The Cobra was made in .22 lr.,3" bbl. only, as late as 1971-72,as I have one of the last ones.

The big change that led to the dropping of the .32 caliber(.32 S&W Long,or .32 Colt New Police as Hartford called to it),was the change to the SHROUDED bbl. on the D.Special,Cobra and other "snubbies". Shrouded bbls. in and around 73'-74',with "parts clean" up of course.

The rarest post was D Frame chambering is in .38 S&W,or .38 "Colt New Police". Last listing I can find is in a 64'catalog,for the D.S.,Cobra and the Police Positive.
Suppose Colt could supply it after that date,by just reaming the chambers shorter/fatter,and different bbl. roll marks. Not too popular after the war,except with one armored car firm.

IMO,ANY D Frame snub with factory original,SHROUDED bbl., in any caliber but .38 Special,will be rare(or a "one off").

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