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Hello all,

I have a Detective Special that I bought new in 1982. The serial number is P127XX. Can someone tell me the actual year of manufacture? Also, the original finish on this gun is blue. I would like to get it refinished by Colt but I need to know which version of their bluing I need. The gun was carried by me in an ankle holster for many years and is in great shape except for the finish.



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P127XX was made in 1981.

The P series started in 1981 and began at P01001.
The year ended at P36849.

What blue you want depends on how much you want to spend and on whether you want the gun in factory type finish or something better.
Colt offers a matte blue, which is a flat, bead blasted finish.
The standard blue would be the original factory finish.
If you want a spectacular looking gun and are willing to spend more, you can get the Royal Blue, which is how the Pythons were blued.

The only difference between the standard and Royal blue is how much polishing is done to the metal before the bluing is done.
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