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Day dreaming

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I was checking my 1950 Marlin 39-A in anticipation of the rain stopping and the weather getting warm so I could go out and shoot my Marlin.

I again started day dreaming of what could be done with a 39-A.
One idea that I could easily do would be to shorten the barrel to 20 inches and have a Short Rifle.
I'd do this to my 1950 model, but there's just "something" about the long 24 inch barrel that just "fits" and is a major aid to accurate shooting over all the normal carbine length .22 rifles around.

Another day dream depends on winning the lottery. (An old joke about the lottery ends with God saying... "Bob, help me out here, buy a %[email protected]#* TICKET").

If I won, I'd buy a late 50's or early 60's Marlin 39-A with Micro groove Rifling, and the later heavier barrel then my 1950 model has.

It would go off to Doug Turnbull to have the receiver, butt plate, grip cap, and fore end tip color case hardened.
Turnbull used to have info on their web site that they'd studied all the old factory bluing and color casing methods and could duplicate them.
As I recall they said that Marlin used a color case process that gave red colors instead of the usual Colt blue.

I'd have a fancy figure walnut stock fitted with a Neidner type checkered steel butt plate and grip cap.
The wood would be stained with the old "Pre-64 Red" stain and would have my Minwax Antique Oil stock finish.

I'd build a blade type front sight to to replace the bead sight, which I did for my 1950 model.

The rear sight would be an older original steel Lyman aperture receiver sight.

This would be plinking in high style.
Maybe I ought to start one of those "Go fund me" things.
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If you can find one, get a 'Mountie' if you want a shorter bbl version. Without digging mine out and measuring, I think it's a 20" bbl. But you're right, I think most of the modern lever 22's have short barrels which makes the 39 unique.
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There are lots of nice Marlin .22 lever guns out there! Having been in production for about 125 years, lots of different variations have come and gone. This is one that I traded for a couple of years ago. IMHO, this is just about as classy as a Marlin .22 can get! It is a Model 1897 Deluxe made in about 1901-2. According to the replica 1897 Marlin catalog in the background, these could be ordered with either the case hardened receiver or a blued receiver at no additional cost. Extra long barrels were available for about $2 per inch extra. I especially like the short magazine tube!

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I collect Winchester lever actions, but there's no doubt the Marlins were the better guns.
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Start with a Marlin Model 39 Carbine. These were made with a 20" barrel, straight stock , slim fore end and dovetail frontsight - many of the features your Dream List. These were made between 1963 to 1967 with a of total of 12,140. Somewhat scarce they can still be found, maybe in restorable condition that you might want. Mine pictured has a carbine ring installed in place of the takedown screw ( a fitting addition I think and works the same as the takedown screw). Jackson


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The whole point to a cut-down 39-A rifle is to have a short rifle like Winchester made in the '73 and '92.

The idea is a pistol grip stock with the rifle fore end. The Mountie is a straight stock carbine, and the 39-D has the rifle rear end, but a carbine type front end.
I want a true short rifle.
Along with cutting a rifle down I'd just have to install a curved Winchester rifle type steel butt plate.

I had a new 39-A I bought back in the early 80's on which I installed a Neidner curved checkered steel butt plate and Neidner checkered grip cap.
That added a certain class to it.

My buddy has a 39-A he bought new in the 60's. He installed a rifle type brass butt plate, and that looked great.

Again, just dreamin' on a rainy day.
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I have a couple old 39’s and you’ve given me a project idea.....
I like most all the 22 lever guns and have most all brands. I especially like the Browning BL-22 with the short throw lever and 20" barrel. Also like the Browning BAR .22lr semi-autos, marketed in the late 1970s as a man sized .22.
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