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Deluxe walnut stocks value?

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What does a almost mint pair of deluxe walnut stocks go for? I passed on a couple pairs over the weekend and I’m sorta wishing I would have bought them. I’m thinking about calling the seller and having him ship them to me. Is $300 a pair a fair price? Don’t let the scratched case fool you, they are in great condition.


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Also they look like they have a glossy finish. Is that factory?
You will need a better opinion than mine, but they look good imo.
For those type of Colt stocks $300 is probably not unreasonable.
Yes, $300 is not unreasonable if you really need them, but the value of stocks is typically highly correlated with the value of the gun they fit. These stocks appear to be for a 1920s Officers, so if you have a high condition gun that needs them, I would say go for it.
Reasonable, pull the trigger they will stand you in good stead. While making your revolver pop!
I've had three sets in the classifieds for several months now. No bites, no offers.
That's high retail prices. If you are in a hurry and want them on a gun, buy them. If you are thinking of flipping, you're not going to make much money after shipping and your time.
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