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Desirable Years/Diamondbacks and Detective Special

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I think of the 1960's as great years for Pythons. Are these same years also more desirable for the Diamondback and Detective Special?

Also, were the Diamondbacks/Detective Special ever as well made as the Pythons?

Thanks and I really enjoy reading this forum. /forums/images/graemlins/wink.gif
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In my opinion from what I read on here, I would say the 60's diamondbacks are probably a little more sought after that the younger ones. With that being said condition is key of course. I would say as of now, that statement would only apply to very mint 98% + or NIB type guns. I personally would rather have a newer vintage in great condition or with box, over another gun thats a few years old and in worse condition.

The 60's detective special is different. Although I wouldn't personally walk away from a nice one for the right price, the overall and number of guns and years the special, IMO puts it into a slightly different category. I don't see the 60's specials being anywhere near as popular as the 60's diamondbacks. Go back a few decades to the 30, 40, and 50's and they become substantially more desireable.

But times are changing constantly, and in a few years Im sure we all wish we woulda bought a few more back in the day.
What Bowhunter said and primarily the D prefix serial numbered Diamondbacks bring a slight premium, that is from 1966-1976
Sir, early years are MUCH more sought after IMHO. If it's a Diamondback it must be from the 60's before I'll look at it. If it's a Python it must be from the 50's before I'll look at it. It's a Detective it must be from the late 20's/early 30's before I'll look at it. By now you know I'm into early models. Early models of these very popular models have "sweat" appeal. Maybe it just me but my hands sweat when I hold some revolvers and they don't when I hold others. These early models have sweat appeal. Are my hands drooling? /forums/images/graemlins/grin.gif
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I once had a first year production 2.5" 38spl Diamondback. As was typical of those days, I sold it for a 22.

According to sources, production of the 22 Diamondbacks started in July 1968 and hit the market in September 1968. The 38's came along in 1966, but were difficult to find for a couple years due to the demand. The 22's were even harder for the first couple of years of production. I feel sure that you will find 22 Diamondback frames with serial numbers that would date them in 1966 or 1967, but based on the info I have, none were produced prior to 1968. I generally seek out the D serialed Diamondbacks on the hope that eventually they will be more valuable.
Like I said, collect the "D"s when you can find them, they will be more valuable as time goes on. Any "D" below D38449 will put the gun in the 1960's, the first four years of production.:)
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