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Detective Special Magna-Tip bit sizes?

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Trying to determine which Magna-Tip bits I need for a '78 Detective Special.
I have the bit sets for 1911; Colt SA & Ruger but they are not the correct screw slot size.
Thanks in advance!
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Why not buy the whole Magna-Tip set? If you keep on buying the gun specific sets you're always gonna need another bit.
The following bits will fit all Colt DA revolvers.
I list two thicknesses in each size to account for differing screw slot widths.

.150-2, .150-3
.180-2, .180-3
.210-2, .210-3

Once in a while I would find a "D" frame side plate screw hole tight for a .150 to the point where it might scar the side plate.
So, either stone the sides to fit better or buy .120-2 and .120-3.
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dfariswheel, thank you much! Exactly what I was looking for.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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