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Re: Dfariswheel: GT\'er needs Python info

For rubber grips for the King Cobra, he can buy Pachmayr Grippers or Professional Grippers with the open back strap, or Hogue makes an excellent rubber grip that many Colt users prefer due to the more compact size.

For genuine factory type rubber grips with the Colt Gold or Silver medallion, these are just the Pachmayr Gripper.
These can be bought from Gun Parts Corporation, Brownell's
or can often be found on Ebay.

As for the primer and case swelling problems, It could be anything.
Without seeing the gun, it could be anything to a defective used gun, to a factory defect, to someone firing some really hot loads from it.

In this case, I'd recommend a trip back to Colt.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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