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How do you remove the ejector rod from a Python & a Magnum Carry?
Neither cylinder id spinning as freely as they should and I think they need a good cleaning.
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Sorry for the slow reply, I'm moving.

The Python rod depends on the age of the gun. Older Pythons use the old-type ejector rod Assembly, that requires unscrewing the ejector ratchet with a special wrench.
If you attempt to unscrew the rod, and the head unscrews off the end, STOP, it's an old type and it needs a special tool, AND it's easy to damage the assembly.

In the mid 70's Colt went to the system where the rod is unscrewed. This is how the Magnum Carry is set up.

Remove the crane lock "screw" on the right front side of the frame. This is actually a cap, under which is a spring and plunger. remove these and the cylinder assembly can be moved forward and off.

Put three EMPTY cases in the cylinder to support the ejector assembly.

Hold the ejector rod head in a vise padded with brass or copper inserts.

The rod threads are standard right-hand, so turn the cylinder counter-clockwise (when viewed from the rear) and unscrew it. Be careful not to bend or "tweak" the rod.

An alternative is to use a pair of brass padded pliers to grip the rod near the front of the cylinder.

In either case, be careful not to bend the rod, or mar the finish.

When the rod unscrews, you can remove the rod, and slide the cylinder off the rear of the crane.
The ejector slips out to the rear.

To remove the ejector spring, buy the special Colt ejector rod bushing driver, or grind a screwdriver to fit the bushing. Unscrew the bushing at the rear of the crane shaft, and the ejector spring and internal bushing will come out.

Reassemble in the reverse, tightening the rod snuggly but not so tight you run the risk of stripping the threads.

I think that's correct, right now I'm as crazy as a road lizard with this move.
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